Got Unwanted Denim?

Posted 09 October 2019 by General Pants Co

You can now bring your old denim into General Pants and we’ll recycle it for you – introducing our Denim Amnesty.

Being environmentally conscious is no longer a conversation for the future – it’s a responsibility for the present. Each year in Australia, 85% of unwanted textiles are sent to landfill and we think this needs to change.

As part of a growing movement looking for inventive ways to manage unwanted clothing, we are actively seeking and developing new opportunities for yarns and fabrics – that would otherwise be considered waste – to be reused, repurposed or recycled and kept away from landfill.

We’ve been working in the background for a while now, so it’s exciting for us to offer you a new way of disposing of pre-loved denim, making it easier for everyone to recycle old clothes and do their bit for the environment.


Now in-store, our Denim Amnesty allows you to give your old denim a new life. We all know denim is made to last, but if you’ve worn yours into the ground and it’s time to move on, you can now bring it into select General Pants stores where we’ll recycle or repurpose it.

Yes, you read that correctly. We’ll give you $20 off* your next purchase just for bringing us your old denim. This is our way of enabling you to more easily recycle so your denim doesn’t end up in landfill.


The state of old your denim will determine what we do with it. If the denim is good enough for someone else, we’ll donate it to charity and give it a new life through reuse. If your denim has tears but the fabric is still pretty good, there’s a chance we’ll repurpose it into something new (eg. beanbags, fabric shopping bags, etc).

If your jeans have well and truly reached the end of their life, we’ll recycle the fibre into something totally new. Carpet underlay, insulation and fertiliser can all be made from broken down denim fibres, and cotton cellulose powder is an ingredient in loads of products including toothpaste and pharmaceuticals. Who knew?


If you want to get involved and do your bit for the environment, take your denim to one of the following General Pants stores and redeem your voucher:

*$20 Voucher valid on full price styles only, for orders over $100. One time use only. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or voucher. Not valid on E-vouchers. Limit one voucher per customer per denim deposit per visit, regardless of number of items deposited. Voucher to be sent within 24hrs from deposit and expires on 30 days from receipt of the voucher.

Posted 09 October 2019 by General Pants Co

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