Huf was created by pro skater Kieth Hufnagel, raised in New York City in the 1980s – a place where skate culture had not really taken grips, as the remnants of punk and a growing hip-hop placed a duopoly on the youth of the east coast. Few the skaters brave enough in NYC, life in skating was life as an outcast in an era where the visuals of skate didn’t really match the surrounding environment. Having travelled to California however, it was there that a more welcoming hand was offered and it was in San Francisco that Hufnagel established a small store in an unfashionable block with one aim. The intent behind the store was to create a movement whereby Hufnagel could give something back to a culture that raised him by providing a place where respected skate brands could sit under the one roof. Not prizes for guessing – the store was called HUF.

Its popularity proved difficult to contain without capitalising by turning HUF into more than a boutique store, and was with this that HUF the clothing label was ushered into America. The brand would become the epitome of skate culture, with elements of the budding streetwear movement and sneaker collector culture. In 2019, HUF still clings tightly to the pillars that helped establish the brand all those years back. Skateboarding is a way of life for HUF, and it is that clear passion and respect for skating that attracts faithful lovers of the brand who are equally dedicated to the culture, people who see skate not as something you do, but as something you are, where class and race barriers are not mentioned.

HUF’s exciting visuals are an extension of the brand’s philosophy, where timeless aesthetics and strong design are valued, and where functionality is paramount. The point of making apparel for HUF is that is has to last: it has to endure the typical rigours of the skater’s outfit without falling at the first hurdle. Our collection of HUF menswear is all about the definitive skater look: comfortable, oversized pieces with casual print graphics and branding. At General Pants we offer a good range of long and short sleeve T-shirts, footwear, accessories, and jackets that encompass the nonchalance of skate.

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