I.AM.GIA has taken the globe by storm with a curated collection of statement wardrobe pieces, designed to make a statement not just in the flesh but across social media. In bold styles and contemporary fabrics, I.AM.GIA should be worn any season, anywhere.



I.AM.GIA has made the biggest splash imaginable across social media, and by extension across the world. Now a worldwide brand name with a huge cult following, I.AM.GIA is the ultimate symbol of how to smash the Instagram game, and how to make people feel good and feel sexy. With celebrity lovers of the brand including Bella Hadid, Kaia Berger, and Emily Ratakowski, I.AM.GIA is the Australian-born label has taken the planet by storm with forceful campaigns featuring edgy products. One of the selling points that the brand is very particular about is that it makes trend-creating fashion pieces at a pricepoint people can afford.

Founded by Alana Pallister, I.AM.GIA has gone on to capture the mindframe of a generation of fashion-minded girls and women, with seriously eye-catching designs including snake print boots, corsets, and oversized cargo pants in camo prints. I.AM.GIA might suggest luxury, by it is a brand for everyone, which was always the focus of the founder. The brand is created for, and modelled around, Gia – Gia is a character that represents everything the brand feels is good about the world. Gia is based on the typical Instagram-famous girl, and so Gia Carangi was used as Pallister’s muse – who rose to fame overnight, just like the I.AM.GIA label, empowering women everywhere with an eye on fashion and the other on making it big and doing it fast.

Where I.AM.GIA has certainly differed from other brands in recent years is it is not on trend as such; rather, it IS the trend. I.AM.GIA has become famous for creating trends and then watching the world catch up, which keeps its loyal set of followers coming back and coming back. I.AM.GIA isn’t the most conventional brand, and has come at a time where many women are seeking a move away from typical femininity in how they style themselves in public and online. The brand embodies the changing perceptions of what it means to wear what you want, bringing in some more masculine tropes to its design. Cargo pants and combat boots are styled with feminine corsets to provide a dual identity that doesn’t really need to choose which way to go. Ultimately, I.AM.GIA is what you make it.

I.AM.GIA went huger than huge with the Pixie Coat just last year, and is now following up with a fresh collection, which we are proud to stock here at General Pants. We work with a number of eye-catching styles that define what the brand stands for, empowering those who wear them. The womenswear brand’s most recent collection features bandana-style tops, check mini skirts, military-inspired overalls, and oversized pants in workwear style. We’re super-happy to work with one of the world’s most exciting brands that’s making all of us think differently about fashion and how we communicate.

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