The Levi’s brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Levi’s defines denim with a widest range of products available that focus on quality denim fabric and production. Generations have worn Levi’s jeans as a symbol of freedom and expression in the face of challenge and social change. We stock a range of timeless and contemporary pieces, and not just in denim.



Blue jeans are everywhere now, but only one brand made the first blue jeans – and that was Levi’s. Denim is the traditional fabric for men’s workwear, and it is within workwear that Levi’s identifies its roots, have been the first denimmaker to use riveting in order to tighten up and prolong the life of denim pieces worn by the workers of America in the 19th century. Since, Levi’s has continued to make waves, making the prototype of all prototypes with the Levi’s 501 jean, widely considered the most iconic jean globally, a style that changed the landscape of how to make good denim.

The 501 has had a cultural impact that very few clothing items or accessories have. Every generation since James Dean and Marlo Brando’s counterculture visuals of the 50s has adopted the 501 jean as its go-to denim style. Worn by greasers and motorcycle gangs, Levi’s 501s gained such notoriety that they were banned from schools in America – now who doesn’t want forbidden denim? The status of the 501 hit fever pitch when fronted by Marilyn Monroe, and after that there really was no turning back. Into the 60s and 70s the 501 was the bottom of choice amongst Mods, Hippies, and Rockers, all with competing outlooks but united by the most culturally relevant jean on the global market. Part of many a cultural revolution, Levi’s has endured mainstream popularity and acceptance into an array of subcultures to still exist in 2019 as the jean of choice. From the slim-straight 80s silhouette to the oversized 90s hip-hop look, the 501 jean – and Levi’s as a standalone brand – has managed to evolve and evolve, without losing its appeal to the youth around the world.

Now, Levi’s offers a number of reworkings based on the original 501, with none of the soul removed. We have carefully selected a few denim pieces such as the 501 jean and the 512 jean, which represent everything Levi’s stands for culturally, but with updated shapes for the contemporary wearer. Beyond jeans. Levi’s is huge on denim trucker jackets that borrow timeless silhouettes that haven’t changed in decades, as well as a solid collection of short sleeve tees in super simple finishes, and women’s skirts and dresses – denim and otherwise.

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