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We’ll start with the rise of the sneaker. It seems like we’ve blinked and the sneaker has gone from the Run-DMC and hip-hop-inspired safe-haven of the sneakerhead to a ubiquitous necessity for everybody – no exceptions. The sneaker has bundled its way into mainstream dress as well as high fashion, now operating as something that can elevate a formal outfit to something more fashion-aware where a lace up Oxford shoe might not. Sneaker collecting is as big as ever, sure, but those people always existed. Now we see sneakers styled with tailored pants, the natural progression of the athleisure movement a few years ago that normalised wearing tracksuits for everyone, and not just those who play or even like sports. In 2019, we are slap bang in the middle of the chunky sneaker era, which is showing no mercy to its competitors. We are leading with the Fila Disruptor II, the Adidas Yung 96, Adidas Falcon, and the Venom shoe by Fila.

Our sneaker obsession doesn’t stop there, we also cater to lovers of timeless styles that will (by definition) never die. Styles like the Samba and the Superstar by Adidas will always be part of every man’s wardrobe. The Samba first landed in 1950, and the visual itself hasn’t changed much. Hesitant to mess with a formula that worked from day one, Adidas has run with the Samba shoe for decades now. Repopularised by football casual culture in the 1980s, the Samba became the choice of working-class British culture in a period of violence fused deeply with a serious focus on dressing smart and dressing well. Since, the Samba has maintained its status as a go-to for footwear lovers, the archetype of the classic sneaker that, although it has many places in time, manages to transcend time and place to exist as its own entity.

Beyond sneakers, we offer a range of boots that aren’t just for trekking harsh terrain. Our boots include the timeless, peerless Dr Martens 1460 Boot that has survived subculture after subculture, finding itself on the feet of skinheads, spotted on punks from Joe Strummer to Sid Vicious, worn by some mods, and the faces of grunge including Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain. If 90s throwback is your thing, we stock retro Timberland boots reminiscent of chunky fashion of mid-90s hip-hop. The Timberland was the boot of choice for East Coast hip-hop’s biggest stars way back when – from Prodigy and Havoc to Nas and Biggie.

For summer – and any season, in fact – our range of slides and sandals move into the ever-growing market of footwear that goes beyond necessity and provides big fashion across traditional beach wear. The Adidas Adilette was one of the first to be worn as not just a summer style, but styled with socks in the colder weeks and months. We offer the Adilette in a series of colour ways, as well as the similarly styled Vans Slide On in a retro checkerboard upper. On top of this, the chunky sneaker trend is now seeping into the world of the sandal, and we offer the Fila Disruptor sandal, one of the main players in the rise of the chunky sandal.

Our range of shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals are carefully selected to always display a nod towards style, fronted by international and local brands that are loved by sneakerheads and more casual wearers alike, including Adidas, Fila, Dr Martens, Birkenstock and New Balance. Our footwear covers the necessities across each season, every terrain necessary, and every event.

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