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Deus ex Machina is a step bigger than a brand: it’s a culture. Deus has roared itself into popular culture in recent times, lending its dedication to hand-built motorcycles to creating high-quality garments from humble beginnings.



Deus ex Machina translates to English as ‘God from the Machine’, which established itself in Australia in 2006 as a brand that customised motorcycles with a feel that felt right for the brand. Deus (pronounce it ‘day-us’) was never only about motorcycles themselves, and was never only about fixing or customising and moving on. Deus intended from its outset to be more than a stop-in; it planned to develop a culture that people would adopt for life. The construction of the Deus cafe and showroom at Deus HQ in Sydney, Australia was not built just to enjoy coffee in – it is a monument to all that matters to the brand around uniting the culture of resourcefulness and art. Deus is about a number of philosophies that emphasise the importance of inclusivity, the authentic, and earnest enthusiasm. For Deus, individuality shouldn’t be dictated to by any brand, not even Deus itself. Deus supports that there is no correct way in order to achieve individuality, and by extension the brand and its apparel is representative of freedom.

These principles inform the apparel the brand makes, with high quality pieces featuring artwork and strong branding. We are excited about our recent range of menswear pieces which include a wide selection of T-shirts, a few shirts shirts, shorts, boardshorts, and accessories from socks to hats.

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