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XLarge was established in 1991 in Los Angeles, and is without hesitation one of the planet’s most highly regarded and admired streetwear brands, as well as one of the most influential. From the beginning, they a huge pop in the land of hip-hop with the Beastie Boys one of the first known acts to embrace the brand and its mantra. The Beastie Boys adopted the iconic gorilla logo, and in fact Mike D of the band was one of the brand’s early business advisors.


The brand’s second store was opened in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan, establishing its global feel. Since, the brand has had ups and downs globally, but in recent years has welcomed a huge resurgence owed to the rise in skate-influenced fashion – namely the streetwear trend that has locked itself into the mainstream this decade. The brand’s legacy is undoubted, and its place in changing culture in the 90s cannot be removed from its backstory, with supporters of the brand including Spike Jonez and Chloe Sevigny – huge figures in the scenes all those years ago. With that behind the brand, it is easy to see why it has become such a big name in fashion once again, and it’s no surprise that everywhere wants to stock XLarge’s capsules.

XLarge draws inspiration from hip-hop music and skate culture as well as club scene visuals, workwear – which is seeing a massive resurgence itself across the board right now – and vintage wear. Influencing the culture to this day, we stock a range of styles carried by the brand – mainly jackets, T-shirts, accessories, and hoodies, many of which rock that timeless gorilla print logo. We are proud here at General Pants to work with a true game changer that not only influenced the people of LA in the 90s, but informed the General Pants culture.

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