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Our footwear range at General Pants is curated to provide choices for a broad range of our shoppers, which covers different terrains, activities, and, of course, stylistic inclinations. A good shoe, the right sneaker, or the perfect sandal is the difference between an okay outfit and a memorable one, perfect for tying together everything that sits above the ankle.

The boot is so important in adding attitude to an outfit, so we cover that with a tight selection of different styles. Our Dr Martens boots are the ultimate expression of individuality, steeped in a history of subculture from punk and mod, to rocker and grunge. The Dr Martens boot has been worn by Siouxsie Sioux, Courtney Love, and more recently given an extra push into the mainstream by Gigi Hadid on her strolls around Hollywood Blvd. Our selection of Docs doesn't stop at the classic 1460 8 Eye Boot in black, we extend to experimental glittery finishes and the retro cherry upper. Beyond Dr Martens, we tend to put a lot of focus on beloved Aussie brand Blundstone, known for its dedication to providing high quality footwear in premium leather. Blundstone is great at providing somewhere in between casual and dress, which allows them to be worn to anything in any season. We also stock Timberland boots for that chunky 90s silhouette that is on its way back again (again), perfect styled with track pants or jeans, and we cater to that PM look with our statement party wear taken care of by ever-growing ROC Boots Australia, using a tight range of eye-catching designs.

Our summer wear is as important as ever to us, as sandals and slides move from simple necessities in the warm weather to statement pieces in their own right, often worn out of season too. Long, long gone are the days of sandals and slides simply being for the beach. Where once we saw them on sand with bare feet, we are almost as likely to see them with socks in Autumn. Because of that, we have focused our efforts on providing styles that speak to our shoppers in this year by providing oversized silhouettes that don't have to be for the beach, although we can't stop you taking them there! Dr Martens has not disappointed with a super-chunky effort with a statement serrated outsole and robust straps and hardware. On top of our statement styles steeped in contemporary streetwear, we have the much-loved Birkenstock styles that we offer year after year, which never lose their popularity and trust among an incredibly loyal Birkenstock following. The German sandal-maker is a true winner for us, and we expect it to continue its success story this season and next. We must also give mention to the humble Havaianas thong. The Brazilian thong-maker has experienced a renaissance this season, finding itself on the runway at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and giving us all fresh perspectives on just how to style the Havi away from the beach.

The Sneaker has seen the greatest resurgence of any piece - accessories, footwear, clothing, otherwise - in recent years. Once the place of sports lovers and self-confessed sneaker heads, sneakers are now an essential in every wardrobe out there, style-able with absolutely anything if you're confident enough to really pull it off. The line between performance and fashion was blurred a few years ago now, but it continues apace to the extent where the sneaker is never off limits - although maybe not weddings, yet. Maybe if it's your own.

Apart from the chunky sneaker, we stock beloved styles that are so reliable and so classic we almost forget they are on our feet. The Vans Old Skool and the Chuck Taylor All Star by Converse are worn by everyone, but they are steeped in an identity of counter-culture, a feeling that is still clung to strongly by many who wear them. The All Star is just a shoe to some, but to many more it is representative of a mindset and how life is supposed to be lived. No matter the current fashion, Vans and Converse find themselves there alongside the next big thing. The Old Skool and the All Star are two styles that we will never lose love for, always giving love to the skate culture that made them what they are.

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