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Women's Hats and Caps

Our hats range doesn’t stop at dad caps, but it is one of our most important categories within headwear, and is a big unisex winner, driven by one of our most beloved brands in Insight. Our range of snapbacks are fronted by renowned hatmakers New Era, who we back all the way thanks to their continued cultural impact and concerted effort in bringing a much-loved look year after year to people who want it. Steeped in American urban culture, New Era caps are fronted by some of the most sports teams in the world, borrowing the iconography of the New York Yankees, LA Dodgers, and the Oakland Raiders.

Our festival offerings never hold back: we provide a solid range of bucket hats a sailor hats for your consumptions, in a range of fabrics and colour ways. Our sailor hats are a defining style across festivals this season, to the extent it’s become unusual to see a girl without one. Ever-stylish, but still cheeky, the sailor hat adds plenty of chic. The bucket hat is now as big as it has ever been since its original heyday. Bucket hats his “cool” appeal in the 1980s where spotted on the heads of those pioneering hip-hop music, and in turn a fashion revolution. Big Bank Hank of the Sugarhill Gang wore on, so did Run-DMC, and, perhaps most famously, LL Cool J rocked the Kangol. The bucket hat’s visual appeal translated to the UK, where The Stone Roses’ Remi was rarely seen without one, and thousands of fans parroted the look as Britain embraced acid and neo-psychedelia. Fast forward to now, and the bucket hat is no longer part of subcultures, but a festival essential, fronted by two of our favourite brands – Fila and Stussy.

Hats work every season. Not exclusive to fighting the rays in summer, our beanies are essential winter wear, our bucket hats and sailor caps are year-round festival musts, and our New Era baseball caps are a cultural phenomenon that defines more than dress sense.

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