Defined by stripped back visuals, Wrangler is a globally-recognised brand with roots in unfussy Western-inspired denim. Choosing designs that rely on good design and timeless appeal, the denim maker has nailed the process behind creating the perfect five-pocket jean, and offers a range of simple styles across T-shirts, shorts, skirts, and jackets.



Established in 1947, Wrangler’s founding message was to create the world’s best five-pocket jean. A brand built entirely on heritage, originality, and style, Wrangler embraced Western style, which took off along with the economy of America, as the rise of both ran parallel. In its infancy, Wrangler would be endorsed by the champion cowboys of the day. Wrangler became the first Westernwear brand to receive endorsement from the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association, applying to both shirting and jeans. Wrangler remains the only Westernwear brand officially endorsed. Around this time though, the brand would become a global brand with manufacturing plants in Europe, and while still embracing the Western look, the brand found itself in distinctly un-Western backdrops.

Wrangler is highly influenced by Western aesthetics, carrying Western tropes to urban backdrops through its range of jeans for both men and women, as well as a solid collection of denim shorts, jackets, T-shirts, skirts, and singlets. Jeans in particular are central to Wrangler’s success and identity of course, employing great focus on contemporary design techniques without shying away from what made the brand what it is – its simplicity and its stripped back visual appeal.

Now the template for good, high quality denim design, At General Pants, we offer a range of denim fits across the Wrangler brand: most notably the men’s Strangler jean, which melds modern design with visual appeal that stays true to the brand’s founding statement. Our selection of womenswear covers a number of styles for the Wrangler-lover, including vintage style T-shirts and singlets that never lose their appeal regardless of season or trend, owed to their timeless design and finish. We also offer denim skirts denim shorts that pay as much respect to high quality design and fabrication as the all Wrangler jean styles do.

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