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Monday, 8th August 2016

When Rolla's drop a new collection, you know they are going to do something rad to kick it off. This time around was no different as Rolla’s hooked up with the dreamwave band, Say Lou Lou, to be the face of their latest campaign.

We grabbed twins, Elektra and Miranda, to spill it on family bands, stealin’ stuff and that new Rolla’s kit.

When did you first start playing together?

SLL: We've been singing together since we were children, but it wasn't until our late teens that we started writing and experimenting with music, our band was formed in 2012..

Do you think being in a band with a sibling makes it easier or harder?

SLL: In terms of touring and spending crazy amounts of time together in foreign places and situations, being twins makes it so easy. Like wherever we go becomes home somehow. With that said, we fight like crazy people and bicker of the most trivial things you can imagine.

What are your favourite pieces from the new Rolla’s collection?

CM: We love the striped Desert Shirts.

Do you guys hang out much outside on your down time or is enough, enough?

SLL: We share some groups of friends, so we spend quite a lot of time together outside the band, but have our own places so it doesn't get too crazy when we're off the road. We mostly don't go on vacation together either.

What drew you to working with Rollas?

SLL: So exciting to work with an Aussie brand, and we really liked Rolla's aesthetic and classic designs, plus the crew behind it are so cool!

Worst gig you’ve ever played?

SLL: Oh god, there have been so many funny and bad ones. The worst ones have been when there're severe technical difficulties or when we've been too ill to play but too determined and played anyway.

If you could steal one thing out of the other’s wardrobe, what would it be?

SLL: We more or less share wardrobe.

How much thought do you put into your outfit before a performance?

SLL: It depends on the type of gig, but we most often try to stick to a certain silhouette and obviously have to somehow match each other without being too twinsy.


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Posted 08 August 2016 by Blog Author

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