Shop Rolla's online at General Pants, a uniquely Australian apparel brand that caters to men and women with workwear-inspired pieces and contemporary fashion styles including jeans, denim shorts, skirts, dresses, pants, short and long sleeve T-shirts, printed and plain shirts, knits, and jackets. General Pants edits global trends to offer a curated vision of contemporary fashion for young-blooded individuals.



Rolla’s is as close to Australian heritage as a highly sought-after fashion brand can possibly be. Founded by design duo Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan, who met at a larger denim-maker, Rolla’s was established with the goal of creating a more personal brand that borrows elements of Australian culture and champions the Australian spirit and sense of humour. Rather than adopting the identity of the United States or of European fashion powerhouses, Rolla’s embraces all that is good about its homeland, allowing a new base of customers to feel empowered by the familiar, rather than looking overseas for visual excitement. Rolla’s has a simple mantra of creating simple clothing without too many rules being applied. The embodiment of laid-back, Rolla’s is confident without being brash, creative, fickle, and – maybe most importantly – fun.

The brand designs clean silhouettes with plenty of nods to the traditional Australian working class, as well as the land’s flora and fauna. We stock a number of Rolla’s styles, with a major focus on denim. In recent years, Rolla’s has become renowned for its focus on creating unique denim pieces that do not borrow from other brands, and are entirely from the minds of its founders. Rolla’s jeans tend to use the four-pocket model, a more contemporary alternative to the five-pocket tradition. On top of this, the reverse features the signature spade pocket – one element which removes Rolla’s from the competition, helping differentiate the brand as just that bit different. Denim is the brand’s baby, but it doesn’t stop there for the Melbourne-founded company. There’s a big focus on classic workwear, a nod to the working man of Australia, and well as a number of shirts in long sleeves and shorts sleeves that borrow Australiana prints reminiscent of your mum and dad’s heyday. Being an Australian brand ourselves, we are super-pleased to have Rolla’s on board, and proud to see the brand grow year-on-year with exciting pieces that stay firmly grounded in the brand’s Australian roots, without losing its desire to innovate.

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