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Founded in Britain in ‘07, the Ragged Priest has inspired a new generation of streetwear lovers. Continuing to be inspired by its grunge roots and customised denim, Ragged Priest is known for its creative fashion. They uniquely mix gothic style with trendy kitsch to form unique pieces and ranges that are the obsession of every fashion Tik Tokker and celebrity tastemakers alike.

Ragged Priest puts a deep focus on clothing that offers a raw attitude and self-assured fierceness. Their 90s inspired streetwear is based on a range of vibrant colours and on-trend shapes that point to the brand's ethos of catching the eye. You'll find everything from their iconic denim to sheer mini dresses, iconic crop tops, bold print shorts and some leather jackets online at General Pants.

But not only are Ragged Priest creating some of the leading streetwear, but they are also striving to be more eco-friendly. Partnering with companies like The Better Cotton Initiative and Ecology to not only reduce their carbon footprint but to ensure that they are creating a more sustainable and ethical brand for the future.

If you are looking for the perfect streetwear fit, look no further than Ragged Priest’s range available at General Pants Co.

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