Womens Overalls


Womens Overalls

A staple of 90s fashion, the beloved retro classic of the overalls continues to make their comeback season after season. The ultimate layering piece, overalls are loved for their comfort and functionality. Find overalls from General Pants’ favourite denim brands like Rolla's, Levis and Insight.

Whether unisex with a relaxed profile or made to flatter women’s bodies, overalls can be styled from season to season. Pair with a turtleneck and Doc Martens for winter, or with a baby tee and low cut converse for an easy summer outfit.

Rolla’s apparel has been heavily influenced by vintage Australian utility styles and silhouettes. Their overalls are no exception. Available in various washes, Rolla's Original Overalls, use their quality non-stretch denim for a classic relaxed look that keeps a high waisted leg pants. With adjustable buckle straps & brass hardware, Rolla’s women’s overalls are the perfect vintage-inspired one piece.

Insight’s overalls have been inspired by Y2K trends and styles. With a low waisted waist and oversized legs, the Jadey Overalls resemble a vintage find. Available in a classic dark blue or white, the Jadey can be styled all year round. Crafted from Insight’s quality denim, Insight’s women’s overalls are designed to become a wardrobe staple.

Shop General Pant’s collection of classic denim or cotton style overalls to bring a throwback-inspired look to your closet.

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