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Black jeans, unlike certain other denim trends, are forever. The influence of black has been huge across fashion, and its impact on the skinny jean most notable, giving credibility to the cigarette leg as the silhouette has risen to timeless status. The narrow cut has been working with black since the 1950s, and its rise in popularity has been exponential since. The black skinny jean became Punk’s soulmate, being literally torn apart by musical and cultural rebellion in the 1970s headed by Iggy Pop and the Ramones, as well as a number of women including Debbie Harry, Siouxsie Sioux, and Poly Styrene. The black skinny jean has developed throughout the years without sacrificing the beauty of its initial silhouette, leaving a shape that has continued to stop traffic into the new century. Our black skinny jeans are kept timeless – without losing its grip on contemporary design – through a range of denim styles, notably by Dr Denim’s Moxy jean, as well as the Hi Pins by Wrangler.

Our black denim pieces don’t rest at classic skinny jeans; we bring to the table a range of cuts designed to go well with each woman’s individual style, and to allow easy outfit building and accessorising. Our jeans apply black over a number of styles, designed in the mom fit, notably through the Insight Elaine jean, which has experienced a renaissance in recent months and years, lending to its flattering design and reverence to the 90s. The flared leg, represented through Ksubi’s Skinny Kick’n, is the latest style in the sartorial Marmite that is the flare jean, winning as many faithful lovers as it loses. Finally, the cropped leg, on occasion designed with a raw-cut hemline, is fronted by the Cropa Cabana by Dr Denim, and the Supa High Licks jean by dedicated denim maker, Lee, and is our more contemporary style that has witnessed great leaps in popularity in recent times, perfect for exposing the ankle or styling with high boots that need no supporting cast.

Black is the epitome of timelessness and versatility, popular across our range of women’s jeans. A chic showstopper that’s always a safe bet, black opens up opportunities to create an outfit without taking too many risks. The beauty of black, beyond its versatile nature, is undying relevance, across all cuts and shapes.

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