Lee is the dedicated jeanmaker that has been loving and improving denim since 1889. Lee strips it back and focuses on what matters most deeply when you pull on a pair of jeans, priding itself on not only bringing the ultimate fit but ultimate comfort too, through a range of trusty denim styles and some more experimental, newer shapes, as well as a tight range off T-shirts, shirts, and shorts.



Since 1911 Lee has been creating superior denim pieces since pioneering the first denim jacket overall, marketed to mechanics and railroad workers. Fully immersed in the culture of workwear, Lee has a deep history of creating denim pieces that not only look good, but provide high levels of functionality and are longlasting. Lee is an American tradition, as culturally celebrated as any other brand throughout the 20th century and now into the 21st.

Ever the innovator, Lee is credited with the design of the first zip-fly jean in a heavy 13oz construction. Although it took decades for others to catch on that button fly wasn’t the only choice, it evidences Lee’s place as a brand hell-bent on changing and improving denim-making, and its lauded status as a lover of denim.

By the mid 1950s Lee had found itself in the middle of American culture, with the 101Z jean fronted by James Dean in East of Eden, which quickly became Dean’s jean of choice and prompted a generation to pursue the Lee visual. By the 1970s Lee has become what it is today – a global brand that is serious about fashion. Simply one of the world’s leading denim producers, Lee is highly focused on providing classic denim styles with a contemporary respect of quality of fabric and manufacturing.

Styles like the Z-One, Z-Three, and the Hi Licks are testament to Lee’s requirements that denim should not just look right, but that it provides a super-comfortable wearing experience again and again. The mention of Lee of course might strike an image in the mind of denim, but our collection of Lee pieces moves far beyond its high quality jeans and denim jackets and shorts, with a big focus on timeless T-shirts and shirts that still have that Lee stamp of legitimacy. Our range is designed to offer something for those with an eye for the authentic.

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