Straight Jeans


Men's Straight Jeans

The straight jean is a denim cut that has increasingly found its silhouette making an impact in fashion in recent years. The straight cut is seen amongst the Neuw Studio and Ksubi Bullet, for example, and is the widest cut we offer at General Pants Co. Our straight leg jeans value comfort and space, utilising a relaxed seat design and a leg shape that runs in a straight line from the thigh down to the hem with little deviation in its shape.

Since the straight jean has found popularity again in recent months, it has moved out of only being the choice for skaters’ relaxed look, and works well on anyone if styled properly. The straight leg looks great with Dr Martens shoes, particularly if the ankle is cropped or rolled; worn full length like the Calvin Klein 035, works well with Chuck Taylor Converse shoes, especially high tops.

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