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Thrasher is a skate magazine founded in January 1981 by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello. One of the most important magazines in skateboarding’s long history, Thrasher is bold, careless, and stubborn, with little time for corporate greed or demands form upstairs. A legendary brand, Thrasher has, since day one, been about telling the story of skateboarding with honesty and no bullshit. The hard-talking brand in skate, Thrasher has lent its hand to designed a T-shirt or two, as well as some hoodies and accessories. It’s all mega-simple stuff with the timeless Thrasher print across the front, but often simple is most effective. It’s the simple and honest message of Thrasher that has found the skate brand in an era of unprecedented – and completely unexpected – popularity in high fashion, and thereafter in mainstream fashion and mainstream media. Those with skate culture at heart are resistant to this popularity – and that’s up to each individual to make up their own mind – but what can’t be denied is the impact thrasher has had on recent fashion, by introducing simple and laid-back skate style to wider fashion. At General Pants, we stock the iconic Thrasher hoodie, tees, sweaters, and hats, that we believe to represent the brand at its most authentic. Thrasher has existed as the most brutally honest representation of skating culture for years – decades, in fact – and its legacy and influence show zero sign of losing pace.

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