Born out of a desire to fuse punk and hardcore movements with the Byron Bay-friendly staples of surf and skate, Afends has been producing high quality garments that embody the progressive and artistic spirit of its creators. General Pants carries a carefully-chosen selection of men’s and women’s styles that nail the ever-evolving Afends style.



Afends is the men’s and women’s fashion brand founded in 2006 in the coastal town of Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia. Steeped in a love for Punk and Hardcore, the brand is the brainchild of Declan Wise and Jono Salfield who created Afends off the back of a small screen printing business where they would print band merchandise for local shows.

This love for Punk and Hardcore has informed the brand’s visuals now used across its clothing. Added to the culture of surfing and skateboarding, the Afends dogma has been thoroughly moulded into the look and feel that identifies the brand, and separates it from competitors today. True to those creative of mind, the brand focuses its efforts on building something interesting for those who share a passion for improving the earth and how we live.

Evolving always, adapting constantly from range to range, Afends is a way of life that relies on its contribution to the earth. Inspiring people to educate themselves on the environment, Afends leads the way as a fashion brand with a focus on organic hemp.

Our range of men’s clothing focuses heavily on short sleeve and long sleeve T-shirts with creative artwork adorning most items, and simple, comfortable shirt styles that work in summer and in winter. As well as this, we have selected a capsule of high quality boardshort styles for not only the dedicated surfer but the casual sand-goer who wants to wear well-made swimwear. Our womenswear styles are made up of eye-catching crop length pants, singlets, and overalls.

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