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10 Things You Gotta Do In Greece

Posted 12 October 2017 by Blog Author

Summer is finally rearing its head and we ain’t gonna lie – we’re stoked.

But y’know what’s better than a good ol’ Aussie summer? Summer spent on a boat, travelling around the Greek Islands.

Just for buying swim from our smokin’ Slippery When Wet collection we (and our mates at Contiki) could be sending you and a mate to Europe to tear it up across the Greek Islands.

Time to dream big and plan your Greek getaway with these essential bucket list items.

Dip in the Virgin Beach

This name is a bit of a misnomer, as everyone comes here for a dip when they visit Santorini. Named for its untouched sand formations, a cruisy day on the shore is a great way to shake off any jet lag.

Image: Instagram @pipistrella1111

Maybe Tomorrow

“Maybe tomorrow” is a phrase you get used to after spending a little while in Greece. Sometimes things (like boats, especially boats) don’t show up on time, if at all. Unless you’re on an organised tour, always have a back-up plan for what you’re gonna do that day.

Image: Instagram @ramekatrib

Put your belt to the test

There is so much food. Hell, we’d eat our way across every island if we had the choice. If you don’t come home leaking tzatziki, you’re doing it wrong.

Image: Instagram @rachsig

Really test the wine

Every island you visit will have its own storied vineyard claiming to boast the best adult grape juice (like Santorini’s Hatzidakis winery). Only one way to see who’s telling the truth. You gotta try them all.

Image: Instagram @mykonos.secrets

Know where the party is at

Every island has its own vibe, so plan accordingly. If Mykonos and Santorini are on your itinerary, prepare for things to get wild. Tourists from all over Europe will join you on these paradise islands to drink a lot, dance a lot and generally run amok.

Image: Instagram @irisheyz77

Blow up deluxe

Well... don’t actually blow up, but do check out the volcanoes and hot springs on Thirassa Island (a sneaky boat trip across from Santorini).

See the sunset

Sure, you’re not going on a trip with your Nan, but trust us. Get your arse to the Akrotiri Lighthouse or Oia’s Byzantine Castle Ruins at the crack of dawn for an unforgettable sun up.

Image: Instagram @grigorishatz

Splash the ca$h

We’re super used to swipin’ our cards and paywaving the smallest things, but Greece still has a culture of cold hard cash. Make sure you’ve always got a couple of Euros on hand.

Image: Instagram @greekbeaches

Go off Island

Grab a kayak and hit the open sea, yo. Paddle down the coast, check out some hidden beaches (some are particularly hidden ;) ) and see a side of Santorini that maybe no one else has before.

Image: Instagram @authenticeight

More ‘sampling’

If you plan on trying as much of the local cuisine (read: beer) as possible, The Crazy Donkey Brewery is a must-stop. It’s just off Kamari Beach on Santorini, so you’ll have sweet views to match your cold brews.

Sound good?! Hit the links and find out how you could WIN a European adventure by buying swim, thanks to Contiki.

Posted 12 October 2017 by Blog Author

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