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Sweet: SPF: 15 Reasons You Need It

Posted 21 September 2016 by Blog Author


Wednesday, 21st September 2016

Have you got your hands on our 2016 Swim collection?

We’ve got 15 reasons why you need to be soaking up the Sweet SPF this season.

1. All new one pieces.

2. Underwater you can’t hear people say “It’s gonna be a hot one.”

3. Here’s a cheeky reason.

4. Here’s a few more.

5. But seriously, It IS gonna be a hot one.

6. The best things come in twos. Even one pieces.

7. Listening to Nelly’s ‘Hot In Here’ on repeat all Summer can only tide you over for so long.

8. Guys, we’ve got shorts you can live in all season. Whether you’re goin’ to the beach or not.

9. Do you like prints? Cuz we got ‘em.

10. You can tell your friends that tan lines are art.

11. We have somethin’ for the surfers this season.

12. And we got stuff for like, whatever, as well.

13. New swim is a great excuse to plan a trip overseas...

14. Or at least make a homemade slip n’ slide.

15. But really, it’s gonna be like, Santana feat. Rob Thomas levels of hot.

Posted 21 September 2016 by Blog Author

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