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Amped Up Accessories

Posted 08 August 2017 by Blog Author

Nirvana was more than just Kurt Cobain, festivals are more than just the headliner, pizzas are more than just cheese, and your outfit ain’t done ‘til you’ve put on the extras.

We know that feeling in the morning, the decision to add one, two, three – hell, however many accessories you need to dial your outfit up a notch and make it pop.

All you need is a place to start. Take a look at these ways to that’ll keep your styling finishes on point.

This is how you add the extras.

Up top

Don’t let the 90s vibes be restricted to your denim. Take ‘em to the top with always classic hoop earrings plus get your Barrymore on with a laced choker. Have we been watching the craft? Maaaaaayyyybe.


If you’re rolling with a mesh top (and yeah, you are BTW) you're gonna need two things. Firstly a bralette to layer under; exclusive Neon Hart lace bralettes will let you add a burst of colour to your look as well as extra texture dynamics.

Second – Extended the see through thing with fishnet stockings under your denim. Netting popping out at your waist and ankle ads a sexy tease to your tough denim fit.

Hell for leather

Looking for somethin’ tougher than a beaten up pair of Cons or suede Old Skools? There’s only one answer – Docs. The sooner you get your pair, the sooner they’ll have that super comfy, broken in feel.

While we’re on leather, the benefits of a belt cannot be overstated. It adds an extra detail of toughness to your denim and provides a sweet contrast to more femme mesh and fishnet textures.

How many more extras can you add? Hit the links and go all out.

Posted 08 August 2017 by Blog Author

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