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August 2017: For The Record

Posted 04 August 2017 by Blog Author

If you’re always plugged into the hottest stream, dropping the needle on a brand new vinyl record or if you’re that one guy still using CDs (why?) – there’s plenty to get excited for this August.

Indie stalwarts return to form, avant-garde Trip hop legends start whole new sagas and rock n’ roll royalty are all gonna drop into ya regular rotations.

Here’s where we think you should turn up the sound.

The Cribs – 14-7 Rockstar Sh*t

Raw emotion and janking and jerking guitars combine with heavy slacker vibes for The Cribs latest. Sounding less like the mid-2000s NME ‘it’ band they once were, the sonics on Rockstar Sh*t are channelled through a post grunge lens – sounding far more like it came from a basement in Aberdeen, Washington, than Wakefield, Yorkshire.

4 August

Everything Everything – Fever Dream

Wind down from a hectic month of gigs and festivals with lilting melodies and pulsing beats of Everything, Everything (that’s the band not the YA movie). Fever Dream is collection of adventurous electronic pop tracks that ignore most facets of pop convention, resulting in an interesting and rewarding musical journey. Definitely one for headphones and a long train ride.

18 August

Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins

Cinematic in scope but warm with familiarity, Grizzly Bear aren’t reinventing the wheel with Painted Ruins. Rather they focus on what they do best, dense and layered indie rock, now perfected with time and possibly a little time apart.

Before getting together for this record the Grizz boys spent some time on other projects, which has them sounding very refreshed on their return.

18 August

UNKLE – The Road Part 1

The UK trip hop originals are showing no signs of slowing down, maybe ever. With a career littered with classic albums and essential remixes, it’s no surprise that The Road lead with Cowboys or Indians - a bass heavy chiller that mashes haunting bluegrass acoustics with low-key rhymes. 3am vibes right here.

18 August

Queens of the Stone Age - Villains

They’re baaaaack. Queens hit us with their first record since 2013 – a swaggering and swarthy beast of riffs and boogie woogie grooves. John Theodore’s pummelling drums anchor Josh Homme’s shaking hip to terra forma, lest they leave the planet. This is the heaviest dance record AND the danciest heavy record you’ll bang all year.

25 August

Slick riffs got you struttin' your stuff? Make sure your thread quality matches your sound quality – cop new looks in the links below.

Posted 04 August 2017 by Blog Author

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