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Posted 16 September 2016 by Blog Author


Friday, 16th September 2016

Ball Park Music

Brisbane crew, Ball Park Music, are hitting the road on a huge tour after dropping their sprawling new record, ‘Every Night The Same Dream.’ That includes hittin’ Yours & Owls Fest - on October 1-2. Y’know, the festival we’re sellin’ cheap as tickets for and giving away double passes to?

The point is, we called up Dean from BPM to talk about the new record, Yeezy and wearing band t-shirts.

Looking back, does the album sound like you wanted it to?

Absolutely. We decided to record it all live to four track tape. That’s pretty ridiculous given there is five musicians in the band.

What were you listening to when recording the record?

I’m always listening to our demos, which is pretty boring, I guess. I listened to a lot of Kanye West as well. I’m a really big fan, mainly of his production. Obviously the guy is pretty controversial figure. Every day I wake up to the news of whatever he’s done and think ‘Dude, I’m trying to like you.

So your twin brother is in the band with you – What’s the sh*ttiest question you get asked about being a twin?

Pretty much ‘what’s it like to be a twin?’ I don’t know; what’s it like not being a twin.

Worst cover you’ve ever heard?

We covered Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. It was interesting, definitely got a reaction. Maybe we’ll revive it at some stage.

First festival you went to?

Falls Fest in 2010 or 11. And it was actually when we were playing, I had never been to a festival before as a punter. Now I feel like my life has balanced out the lack of festivals.

Best thing about being a part of the festival crowd?

Just hanging with your friends is the best. It’s so nice to not have anything to do. Nothing beats relaxing, hanging with your friends and having a beer.

Greatest fashion advice you were ever given?

Don’t match colours. I used to be classic blue shirt, blue pants guy.

Wearing the t-shirt of the band you’re going to see – Yay or Nay?

I’m gonna go with ‘yay.’ because when we play a show I love seeing people in the crowd with our shirt on.

Weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

Do you remember chocolate Yowies? I had a dream that they were real and I was running around my school hunting for Yowie’s. It wasn’t even scary or weird, it just felt so good.

How would you describe your new record if it was a person?

One of those people who are really outgoing in public, but when they’re at home they’re a sad sack.

GP is a proudly supporting Y&O Fest and we’re selling tickets in store at GP Wollongong and GP Shellharbour that are $20 cheaper than anywhere else!

“Every Night The Same Dream” is out now in stores and on streaming services.

Posted 16 September 2016 by Blog Author

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