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Banter: Neuw Denim

Posted 15 May 2017 by Blog Author
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You never know where the next innovation in denim is gonna come from, but you can always put a solid bet on this guy. Par Lundqvist is the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Neuw and probably the only dude who thinks about jeans more than we do. With the launch of Nordic Stone, Par has us frothin’ on stonewash finishes like we’d never seen before.

We sat down with Par to talk new sh*t, vintage revision and gettin’ stonewash right.

What made you want to revisit stonewash for this newest collection?

Stonewashed denim is such a classic look, worn by some of the most influential rockers and rebels of our times. Some classics never go out of fashion.

Can you take us through the stone washing process? How do you know when it’s perfect, can you overdo it?

The process is very similar to cooking food. It can very easily be overdone and end up flat, bland and boring. So you need to make sure you cook with premium ingredients (we use fabrics from the best mills in the world). Then, you cook in small batches to make sure you're serving up gourmet food and not canteen goo.

The process of stone washing itself is not difficult - you wash jeans with pumice stones. However, in order to create an expressive and aesthetically pleasing product, there is anywhere from 10-30 hand-applied processes that needs to be performed and this is where you will find the difference between something mass produced and something created with passion and care. Nordic Stone is the latter.

How does stonewash denim fit with your vintage revision design philosophy?

Looking through my personal collection of denim archives (3,000+ vintage jeans), it’s important to respect tradition and I have a lot of respect for vintage washes, cuts and fabrics. I learn from them, take the best details and re-create them into modern styles - the ambition was never to create something that feels retro. We truly care about the quality of pattern making, sewing and washing so we decided to closely study the past masters before we started Neuw.

What are other denim trends you’d like to see make a comeback and why?

We are feeling pretty excited about the more relaxed 90's style fits coming back.

What separates FORM Performance Denim from regular denim?

There's a lot of stretchy denim out there and a great majority don’t look, feel or behave like traditional denim. Denim should feel like it's holding you in and it should become better with time. So we worked with some great European mills to produce fabrics that feels like proper denim but thanks to innovation in composition and weaving feels incredibly comfortable.

A lot of decon in the Nordic Stone is ripped and then repaired (e.g. patched up knee rips), what was the thinking behind this design detail?

Growing up in Sweden, everyone wore jeans all the time. Nice, proper and clean jeans - Scandinavian style. However the people that interested me the most were musicians, hooligans and delinquents. So, when we decided to do a stonewash re-interpretation; those people with their patched up, beaten stonewashed jeans were on our minds. That's what Nordic Stone is all about: clean Nordic design lines with beaten up individual character.

Which fit in the Nordic Stone collection is your favourite and why?

The Lou Slim fit in the Perfekt wash.

It’s a great relaxed slim silhouette, which to us is a perfect representation of where fits are going. This fabric looks exactly like an old schools premium rigid, but we wanted a bit more comfort. So the stretch was added to the warp (length) instead of weft (width). It’s a new innovation from one of the most reputable mills in the world.

How often do you wash your jeans?

I wear raw jeans for a long time before I wash them. But once I start washing them, I do it all the time. I really like how they gradually change and become more personal with wear, tear and wash.

What would your last meal be?

Anything I'm allergic to but like the taste of. If I'm about to die, who cares about the consequences?

It’s a chill Sunday arvo – where can we find you?

At an art gallery, record store or the pub.

Is soup a type of food or a type of drink?

Is beer a type of drink or a type of medicine?

Get your new fit fix with Neuw’s Nordic Stone collection. Hit the links to see the whole range or head in-store to try a pair on.

Posted 15 May 2017 by Blog Author

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