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Posted 22 March 2017 by Blog Author


Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

When it comes to sortin’ out our game up top, there’s no splittin’ hairs. We’re Uppercut all the way, all damn day and if you’re like us, you focus on ya ‘do in the morning... and every time you catch yourself in a shiny surface.

That’s why we hit up our mate, legendary Uppercut barber Tommy J, for some advice on keepin’ our style locked 24/7. The dude is all about craftin’ the perfect cut and searching to slick and destroy.

Read on to see it all.

What styles are cutting the most right now

Tommy: More natural, messy cuts. A lot of longer scissor style cuts that are becoming less structured and more on the looser side.

What’s the one styling tip guys need to know?

Tommy: Using a blow dryer to build the foundation of the style before applying product, this will give the hair the structure it needs before applying product.

Another styling tip is when you should be scheduling an appointment to maintain your current style. Both male and female clients that come into the store sometimes forget that haircuts grow out and need to be cut sometimes as quickly as 3 weeks or can go that little extra for say 5-6 weeks.

What separates the Matt Pomade from other pomades?

Tommy: It’s the dry finish that glides through the hair with no pull or force. It’s great at giving the impression that there is no product in the hair but with still gives strong hold to the style.

What kind of hair styling is it best used for?

Tommy: Anything from loose styles, textured curly cuts, casual parts for guys that just need to keep the fly-a-ways at bay or in a longer shoulder length cut.

What’s the golden rule of shaping up a good hair style? Who’s breakin’ these rules?

Tommy: A strong foundation of where to take the cut short and where to leave it longer at times.

As for who is breaking the rules, it’s us at times. Some current trends are pushing more boundaries and forcing us to change methods that we have been practicing so heavily in the past. It’s definitely challenging us at times, but also warming to be pushed to get out of our comfort zone.

Have you ever refused to cut someone’s hair because of the style they wanted?

Tommy: Yes, however it's more so do with the condition of a client’s hair. When a client is thinning it’s your job to help guide them to a better style that would work for them, for example shaving the head and ditching the stragglers. It can be a tough conversation at times but trying to give a client with thinning hair a solid quiff, will just not work.

If you weren’t a barber you'd be…

Tommy: Always a tradesman, I would continue to use my hands wherever I ended up.

How would you describe your personal style?

Tommy: A bit 90's, a bit grunge.

Do you use a metal comb or plastic?

Tommy: Plastic, I’ve never really found anything else that best suits my style.

It’s a perfect Sunday arvo, where can we find you?

Tommy: Ridin' motorbikes, at a local skate at Annandale skate park and a few long necks.

How many times did you realise you needed a haircut reading that? Keep it all under control by hittin’ up Uppercut in the links below.

Posted 22 March 2017 by Blog Author

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