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Four tips for a killer Christmas BBQ

Posted 15 December 2017 by Blog Author

The Christmas Day BBQ is an iconic Aussie tradition. The whole family gets up early and hits the beach to eat a stack of food, put away some frothies and give rad gifts. It’s all super nice.

But it could be nicer.

We’re not trying to disrupt a home grown holiday institution too much… But with only a few tweaks you could turn Christmas Day all the way up.

O1. Start it way later

One of the best gifts you could receive this Christmas is the gift of sleep. Especially if Christmas Eve was a big one and let’s face it, those are short odds. Push festivities back to the afternoon/evening and spend the morning hitting snooze.

2. Pack right

Salt water cures all, so we expect to see your dusty butt to be in the waves. Make sure you hit up Zanerobe and Arvust beforehand so you’re rocking for the latest summer prints. If you can’t feel fresh then at least your boardies can look it.

3. Get buried

A full day of booze, food and running amok is going to take a lot out of you. Just make sure you’re not the first to fall asleep. The first person with their eyes shut is getting buried up to their neck in sand. Why? Those are the rules, simple as that.

Oh... It's here?

Ok, Christmas parties in the same office that you grind from 9 – 5 can be a bummer. Being at work doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re at work. Amp up the attitude and pull on thrashed denim with a wrapped print or rock 90s style stripes - You can’t go wrong.

Sound like one hell of an improvement. Hit the links and make sure our exclusive new Zanerobe and Arvust boardies are a part of your plans.

Posted 15 December 2017 by Blog Author

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