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Three Wildest House Party

Posted 02 February 2018 by Blog Author

There’s no better way to send off summer than an epic house party.

We’re talking more than your average king’s cup fuelled all-nighter. If you’re sending off the party season, you’ve got to do it bigger and better than any shinding, kegger or box social you’ve thrown before.

Basically, if someone doesn’t wake up on the roof of your local Maccas, you haven’t partied hard enough.

We like to think we know a thing or two about throwing a massive party (hyperlink to Travis Scott launch), but these loose units are next level.

Time to raise the bar.

Corey Vs The World

Yes, that’s Corey. The yellow sunglasses and faux fur lined parka (very on trend in 2007) belong to the man behind Australia’s most notorious house party. 10,000 reported guests, a few arrests and some super pissed parents earned Corey infamy as the county’s biggest party animal. So how did a simple house party get so out of control?

1. An open Myspace invite.

2. Out of town parents.

3. Having zero f*cks to give.

It was the perfect storm.


Problem: You’ve invited all of your skater mates over to get loose and bomb your backyard ramp but it’s raining.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re pro-skater and professional Jackass Bam Margera, you put some elbow grease in and turn the inside of your suburban family home into a live-in skate park.

The result? A few holes in the dry-wall, a lot of laughs and one really, really pissed off mum. Actually kind of tame compared to some of Bam’s regular exploits...

Kate Moss can't be stopped

Kate Moss does everything like a boss. So when she turned 40, it’s no surprise she celebrated with a four day Glastonbury-themed festival of drinking, dancing and getting very messy. With rave tents and fire breathers providing the entertainment, it’s no surprise the cops eventually ruined the fun.

That didn’t stop Ms Moss, who simply took herself and 40 mates back to her home suite to keep the party going.

Key to any epic party is looking like the bomb. Hit the links and make sure you see out summer in the hottest of our new trends.

Posted 02 February 2018 by Blog Author

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