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Posted 17 March 2017 by Blog Author


Friday, 17th March 2017

When ya drop of jackets is as stacked as ours, we can’t blame you for not bein’ able to settle on a single new look. Hell, all we really wanna do is put them in a massive pile and swan dive Scrooge McDuck Style.

So we’re palmin’ this one off to those Hollywood big-wigs (“Shoutouts to The Local!”). Check these iconic fits straight outta some classic flicks and get your hands on some Oscar award winnin’ swag.


No one has ever looked better at putting a guy through a wood chipper than Steve Buscemi. It’s cold AF in Fargo so he’s gone full sherpa/trench, but we reckon Rolla’s nailed it with denim.

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Rebel Without A Cause

Most people will tell you James Dean’s most iconic look is the white tee n’ blue jeans combo. Those people are wrong. While that is an A1 look, we can’t understand how anyone can go past this smooth red bad boy. Damn good work, James.

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Satin bombers or souvenir jackets both got a hell of a lot of attention after this movie. Seriously, what did your friends talk about more, his jacket or that elevator scene? First you get the jacket, then you get the money, then you get the car, then you get Ryan Gosling’s effortless smoldering cool.

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The Wild Ones

Ooh, we got a bad ass over here. No one really does the biker jacket justice better than Brando (young Brando that is, not crazy Apocalypse Now Brando). You can rock somethin’ legit or something vegan friendly, you’re never gonna look outta step either way.

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The Breakfast Club

John Bender is the coolest member of the breakfast club. No question. We can only assume he was put in detention for lookin’ like a total weapon in his vintage denim trucker jacket, layered over some vintage checks. We won’t forget about you (and your jacket) John.

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And the Oscar goes to… YOU! For havin’ the balls to play the guy who hits the links below to shop more jackets.

Posted 17 March 2017 by Blog Author

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