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History Of the Bomber Jacket

Posted 26 April 2017 by Blog Author

Some styles never get old and some threads have more old school cool than you even realise. Ya know all those bombers ya been frothin’ on this season? They ain’t some flash-in-the-pan farrrshun trend. It’s a jacket that has a legit history of badassery, pullin’ from the skies to the screen.

This is why the bomber is... well, the bomb.

Takin flight

The MA-1 started it all. Standard issue in US military forces from 1949, the signature collar of the bomber was a change from traditional aviator jackets. The flat wool collar design was chosen to not interfere with parachute harnesses and the nylon outer layer came in blue or green colourways for purely tactical reasons – they still looked pretty boss though.

In the 50s bombers started to be seen more and more outside of army bases and in the streets. As more civilians started rockin’ the bomb the style changed again. Most fits had non-quilted lining, wool was swapped for an acrylic knit, but the zip details and classic shape wasn’t goin’ anywhere.

Punk explodes

As punk rock blew up, punk fashion went right with it. The 70s saw UK punks rep the bomber with torn up denim and combat boots, a way of adding some militant swag to the musical movement. Unlike the clean cut mods who came before them, punks tie dyed their jackets, adding patches n’ pins for a unique decon statement.

Trend hunted

The bomber was errywhere you looked in the 80s. Style icon Steve McQueen proved he still had it, wearin’ a traditional flight jacket in his cult hit The Hunter and Harrison Ford showed us how it was done in the Indie flicks. At the same time Tom Cruise was bringin’ back aviator jackets in his own maverick way, fit out with patches an custom details that nodded toward the jackets military and punk past.

Bomber season

Hip hop artists like Naughty By Nature made the bomber their own in the in the 90s and raps connection to the jacket didn’t stop there. You just gotta catch a shot of Yeezy in the street to catch him lookin’ totally on point in a camo print bomber, back with a vintage tee and fresh sneaks.

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Posted 26 April 2017 by Blog Author

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