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Chuck Off

Posted 21 July 2016 by Blog Author


Friday, 21st July 2016

We’ve all got ‘em. A pair of worn in, much loved, Chucks. They went to Europe with you. They went to every stage at every festival last summer. Once upon a time they were pure and new, but now they’ve got history.

What if you could do it all over again? We’d never tell ya to throw your old Chucks out, that’d be crazy – but it’s time to ease them into retirement.

With the Chuck II dropping in new red and blue shades, there’s really never been a better time to start a new Converse adventure. Plan some trips, book some tickets and break those bad boys in.

Hell, with the extra cushioning and arch support that the rebooted Chuck IIs have, it’ll be even easier to give ‘em that real-time customisation.

Posted 21 July 2016 by Blog Author

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