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Dr Denim

Posted 12 April 2018 by Blog Author

Dr. Denim strive to make every day a denim day. Their design philosophy is to create pieces that can be worn at any time and in any situation. Together they want to build a wardrobe that never lets you down.

Leroy Black Ripped Knees

What's new

It’s Nora who we’re swoonin’ over this season; an iconic cut that demands a second glance. With a super high rise and tapered leg, Nora is Dr. Denim’s take on the 90s mom jean. Nora features a cinched waist, allowing you to show off your best assets. Forget skinny stretch denim, Nora also celebrates authentic rigid denim with a number of cool, comfy washes.

Fellas, meet Leroy. This is the skinniest fit Dr Denim do, but it features a longer rise to keep you things comfortable. The newest iteration of the fit comes with blown out knees for a more amped up attitude.

New Price!

Dr Denim have you looking a million bucks without smashing your budget. Super skinny Dixy, Lexy and Leroy fits start at $89.95!

Givin' back

Dr. Denim takes pride in being a responsible brand participanting in the BSCI, a system enforcing ethical working conditions.

Dr. Denim are increasing the percentage use of sustainable materials in their collection, using fibres such as organic cotton, dead stock and non-cotton materials made from plants.

With production taking place across the world, all imports are shipped by sea to keep emissions as low as possible. Sea freight accounts for only 9.5% of the global energy use.

“The “D” in denim stand for Dream and Do.” Daniel Kvist

Nora Light Retro

Denim care: How to wash your Dr. Denim

Dark Wash

These may bleed a bit and will continue fading with every wash. It's still important to wash with similar colours.

Light Wash

It's quite unlikely that you'll have major problems with dry-bleeding. You should still wash them with similar colours to be on the safe side.

Acid Wash

Acid/snow washes can be a bit sensitive to light so you should store them in a dark place when you're not wearing them.When exposed to light and air for an extended period of time, an acid bleached garment may get a slightly creamy colour, which is why you should let them dry in the shade.

Daniel Kvist, Dr. Denim Head Designer

Dr. Denim's head designer Daniel is borderline obsessed with denim. He tells us where this passion came from and what seperates Dr Denim from the rest.

Where does your passion for denim come from?

Dr Denim believes that denim can take you anywhere. From east to west, from day to night. From start-up to success. Dr Denim also believe that denim should be for everyone, that great quality and perfects fits it’s not for a selected few. That is our commitment and what drives us forward every denim day.

Do you remember the moment you were hooked on denim?

It never really about us, denim is in our veins. The important thing is to get other hooked, and that usually happens when a person set out on some sort of mission. It could be to travel the world, score high on a test in school or throw the best BBQ ever. Times in life when you simply need to trust your denims.

What makes your denim different to others?

To us the “D” in denim stand for Dream and Do. This is also reflected in our jeans. Designed to be the perfect partner in life a lot of emphasis is put on both fit and fabric. We also want people to find their perfect pair and build a relation to other specific style.

Dr Denim are set to sweep you off your feet this season. Get around their new drop in the links below.

Posted 12 April 2018 by Blog Author

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