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Eight Reasons To Choose Chinos As Your Festival Fit

Posted 19 July 2017 by Blog Author

You’re gonna be flat out this weekend. You’re gonna be in the pit, in line at the bar, getting buzzed and losing your mates, lookin’ for your mates, finding them as LCD Soundsystem drop ‘Daft Punk Is Playing At My House’ and losing your collective minds.

That’s a big weekend. You don’t have time to spend umming and ahhing over what fit you should be wearing. Give yourself peace of mind and the time to get wild by goin’ all in on chinos.

We know it’s a streetwear cert, but around festival time the chino doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. We’re here to change that.

Here’s eight reasons why you need to bring chinos into your festival game:

1. They're Lightweight Champions

Get you the pant that does it all. Breezy and light enough for days spent in the pit, but more than enough to keep you from shakin’ at the knee come the evening mercury drop.

2. You Can Still Go In Raw

Think the chino is to clean cut? Think again. New fits from Insight and Zanerobe run the decon game with raw cut crops and busted opened knee detailing.

3. Get That Festival Tan

Tan is key to owning this seasons sweetest streetwear looks and with our chino edit, there’s plenty of options to choose from. You can go tonal and pull on a box fit tee on top or let it act as a light contrast to your black graphic band tee.

4. Because keeping it 90s is better than keeping it 100

Just like every festival line up on the planet, the 90s are back in our wardrobes in a big way. You’re already all over old school sportswear vibes with their new windbreaker and Yankee pinstripes, all you need is Spencer Project’s slim Arto chinos to complete the look.

5. Because You Have The Balls...

…To go all white errything. Nobody is gonna be fresher than you in these bad boys.

6. You Don’t Have To Sweat The Mud

Cropped, rolled or cuffed – your kicks may get a little muddy but your strides will be bone dry. Looks like it’s all comin’ up chino.

7. They’re Technicolour Dream Pants

Festivals are the perfect place for you to wig out with somethin’ outside of your regular colour palet. Chinos offer so many shades to stunt in aside from ya standard blues and blacks that you’ll have no choice but to wild out.

8. They Look Sick Back With A Pair Of Vans

Look. At. This. That’s A1 unf*ckwitable. Tell us we’re wrong, we dare you to even try. Yea, exactly.

It seems so simple when we lay it all out like that. Hit the links and get sorted out stat.

Posted 19 July 2017 by Blog Author

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