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GP's Festival Survival Guide

Posted 16 January 2018 by Blog Author

There are so many killer festivals coming up, we’re barely maintaining the hype.

Us pumping our Laneway mix on every road trip.

Festival season is here and the motto is ‘go hard and never go home.’

There are a lot of sunsets, drunken sing-alongs and campground shenanigans on the horizon and the only thing in your way is festival burn out. GP Crew’s biggest festival heads have dropped some tips so you can curve that bullet like a text from an ex.

This is how you become 2018’s festival king.

Tip: Bring baby wipes!

Pads, Graphic Designer

“Who needs to shower when you have these at your disposal? Sacred cloth drenched in the fountain of youth. Thank me later.”

Tip: Pack lightly

Tarra, Stylist

“Don’t look totally wasted unless you are. Make sure you pack those unexpected blister rescue pads, some band aids, double sided tape and a mini sample of perfume (Bonus: they are free and save you from smelling anything less than delicious!)”

Tip: Pace Yourself

Jo, Buyer

“Don’t go too hard on the first day of a three day festival. Times can get real tough, real quick if you use up all your fuel before the festival even starts. I learned this the hard way.”

Tip: Shoes are a must

Rob, Buyer

“Always wear shoes to a festival. Any human who thinks thongs are a good idea deserves the fungus that will be growing between their toes.”

Tip: Double check the time table

Rhett, Copywriter

“I misread what time Basement Jaxx would be killing it in the boiler room at BDO and when I got there it was at capacity and totally fenced off. Medics were helping a guy who broke his arm trying to jump the fence... I guess my other tip would be to always land on your feet.”

Tip: Don’t forget sunnies

Yesha, Graphic Designer

“A multi-day festival with no shades. Not happening. Sunnies are obviously essential and a sweet pair from Ksubi’s new range will guarantee you look fire all weekend.”

Key to survival, looking like a boss. Hit our latest drop in-store or in the link below for your festival fix of new stuff.

Posted 16 January 2018 by Blog Author

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