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Fit In With Deep Sea Arcade

Posted 06 April 2016 by Blog Author


Wednesday, 6th April 2016

It’s ya LAST CHANCE to win a weekend trip to Sydney so you can party at GENERAL PANTS RARE FINDS? Gonna miss out? Naaaah, didn’t think so.

On Saturday 16th April, Oxford Arts Factory will be goin’ off with a stack of killer bands like Deep Sea Arcade, Lime Cordiale and Owen Rabbit, better yet, you could be there with ya bestie! We’ll sort ya tickets, flights and crash pad, you just worry about cuttin’ it up on the floor. You just gotta buy any full priced denim from GP and make sure you’re signed up as a GP Member to be eligible!

We can’t wait to see ‘em headline the show, so we called up Nic McKenzie and Nick Weaver from Deep Sea Arcade to have a chat about their new record, TMNT and what we can expect on the 16th.

Deep Sea Arcade

New record... when is it? What are the plans?

NM: We are just mixing the record now so it should be out in a few months. We curate a monthly club night called Visions and we are holding a multi venue festival 'Visions Festival' in Chippendale on June 4th across venues Fredas and The Gladstone as part of Vivid Festival program. We'd like to keep a theme of curetting festivals and club nights throughout the cycle of our upcoming record.

Who are you looking forward to playing with the most at RARE FINDS?

NM: Really looking forward to seeing Lime Cordiale who just recently packed out The Sydney Metro. They've gone from strength to strength this year so I'm keen to see what's driving all the ladies bananas and see if maybe I can copy it.

Also my brother’s band Hedge Fund because this Christmas I bought him these hectic boxer shorts with gold writing all over them because he has a habit of taking off all his clothes on stage. I was hoping he might wear his Christmas present to the show and make me proud.

When you are looking for new clothes, what is the main factor you look for?

NM: To be honest I think comfort over all. I have lately gotten into the habit of getting size 14 women's blouses from op shops because women's clothes are always really comfortable and whenever you wear them you get heaps of compliments from women

What arcade game would you bring back from your childhood?

NW: When I was about 10 my parents made me go to the movies with them to watch Sleepless In Seattle on the condition that I could play the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade machine in the Hoyts foyer. Little did they know that when it came to that game I was a goddamn badass sent from the depths of hell. I was playing on one credit for about 45 minutes. My parents were really bored, and I didn't really mind Sleepless so joke's on them.

What’s more important to have on your rider – Cold beer or fresh socks?

NW: Cold beer. We're a sandals only band.

Weirdest fan request?

NW: One time in Brisbane we played in a very small room and our old drummer Carlos' kit kept sliding off the front of the stage. A pregnant woman came to the rescue and held his kick drum in place with her stomach. After the show she asked if she could name the baby after him. I tend to make up a lot of stories in interviews but this is absolutely true.


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Posted 06 April 2016 by Blog Author

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