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Fit In With Lee

Posted 06 April 2016 by Blog Author

Fit In With Lee

Tuesday, 5th April 2016

Meet The Maker

One year in, and Lee Jeans’ head of design, Daniel Ivarsson, is runnin’ the denim game. The Gothenburg native started from the bottom, working his way up from slinging jeans on the shop floor to the top of one of the world’s biggest labels.

What is your process when you begin to create a design concept?

No rules – be creative. I usually start to research from a technical aspect, as in fabric newness and even down to yarns. I usually keep myself updated with new fabrications and technologies, by attending fabric fairs and visit suppliers. Once I have that in my head and on paper, I usually get creative and start to build the creative direction, a lot based on feelings, shapes could be taken from architecture, feelings from a certain album or a specific era. The creative direction will then serve as a toolbox for us when we create the range.

How has selling jeans on the shop floor applied to your designs

First getting the fits right. It should make sense for the customer and of course be aligned with the brand. Then using my knowledge in terms of fabrics and fits to offer the right fabrics for the right fits and of course bringing newness in shapes.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned in your first year at Lee?

To have fun and with it success will follow, and the biggest shocker, as I always wear denim, what +35 degrees feels like in a pair. Coming from Sweden we just don’t get that kind of heat!

What is your favourite Lee fit?

My current favourite is a pair of re cut Z-two’s Hunter (made from Cone Denim). Worn for almost a year now, moulding them to become a great template for a future wash.

What direction to you hope to take Lee Denim in?

We are gonna do what the pioneers did 125 years ago, explore and lead the way in to the future. There will be a lot of creative stories, use of new technologies and fabrics, and always with our history in mind.

Your favourite pair of jeans you’ve ever designed?

My favourite pair would definitely be a pair I made for my son, Jack. Miniature jeans really look awesome. They are a replica of the first tapered jeans I did, a regular tapered cropped jean.

Posted 06 April 2016 by Blog Author

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