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Do you see the world through code?

Posted 12 November 2019 by Blog Author


Meet 3D artist, Serwah Attafuah. Her relationship with technology brings to light our own obsession and what this means for our generation’s future.

Tell us about you.
I’m Serwah, I’m 21, I’m a 3D artist.

How would you describe your work?
My 3D work is afro-futuristic. Very sci-fi, very cyberpunk. My graphic design follows in the same style. I draw a lot of inspiration from Pen and Pixel, which they did the old Juvenile and Snoop Dog covers, with a lot of bling and money. I play music too. With music, it’s a lot of punk, black and death metal. I am wrapping a lot of my music up now, with my last show coming up.

Why are you wrapping up your music?
I am done with those certain bands. For two of them, a lot of the members live overseas, so they finished up. As for this one, I’m just done with that project. I want to move onto something different and bigger. I’m definitely thinking I'll move onto something new soon.

Do you find music to be a major influence in your works?
I guess I’m into darker and more extreme forms of music, which is reflected in my out of the ordinary works. Punk is super political, and does have an impact on my worldviews in a good way, I like to believe. The bands that I listen to for instance are anti-racism.

Do you feel music has a strong influence on the generation?
Definitely. With the rise of social media, music has had to evolve and has increased in importance. Musicians in particular now have a certain weight they have to carry, where they can’t just say whatever they want anymore.

How has social media affected you?
It’s affected me in a good and a bad way. I feel I wouldn't be in 3D art if I hadn't had the online communities that I had through Tumblr originally and now Instagram. There is definitely supportive people on the internet and now we can have an inside look into other people's lives that we wouldn’t be able to see before. But then again, it can be a bad influence if you spend too much time on it and get sucked into this idea of what you should be doing and what you should be looking like. You have to use it responsibly.

How do you combat that negative influence?
Just unfollow. Mute. Remember that you are you, and there is a lot to the story that you will never know. You will never know what’s going on behind the scenes. Working in photoshop, I’ve come to realise how easy it is to make things look different, so we all just need to chill. You never know what people are going through. We’re always going to be faced with a different set of challenges, regardless of generation. You have to be a bit understanding, as you didn’t grow up with what they did. It’s all different.

Would you say that your generation is more aware of how filtered things can be?
I think people are aware of how filtered everything is, however I think people also just don’t care as much as well. There’s cameras on us all the time, our data is being constantly sold, so let’s just live it. The end of the world is kind of already here.

Do you feel our generation is more realistic about what’s going on in the world?
Yes, for some people. I feel like I know two sides of the story. I know people who say ‘we don’t care, we’re here now, **** it’ and then there’s the other side who are still trying to change it all. I find myself in the middle. I don’t know how to feel, as I’ve been on both sides. I’m just kind of watching at this stage.

How would you describe how you see the world today?
I see the world as… ending, unfortunately. I’ve kind of seen it like this for a while now, with all of this climate change discussion. People have been talking about it for generations. We definitely need to do something about it, instead of just talking about it.

What type of advice would you give to others also unsure of how to feel?
Look up real solutions. I watched a documentary called ‘20:40’ the other day. Before it, I was in the mindset that everything was ending and that there wasn’t anything that I could do about it. However, in the documentary they came up with 5 actual solutions in 5 different industries. They didn’t ask for permission, and they’re not screaming it from the rooftops. People are just trying to do things to fix what is done. It made me realise that if you do something, anything, it may just influence somebody else to do better.


Is this idea of constantly moving influencing you?
Well yeah, I don’t want to stop. This is just the society that we live in. It capitalises on everything that we do. You know that feeling where you don’t want to sit still because you have this feeling that you should be producing something at every second of the day? That’s how I feel. If something slows down, I feel like I have to stop and do something 10 times bigger. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing yet, but it’s just the way I work right now.

What do you want to work on next?
I want to start a swimwear label. Mostly I want to work in clothing, and work with more video. But also trying to work on some rap music too.

How would you describe your personal style?
Meghan the Stallion cross with someone from a new metal band. Something weird like that. I wear black t-shirts pretty much everyday. A lot of dark graphics, with sneakers. Pretty boyish, I guess.


We hear you have a fascination with the Matrix...
I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I collect Matrix DVD’s, and I have around 40 or 50. Puzzles, signed posters, weird trinkets. I don’t know why, it’s just like the bible to me. Anything sci-fi or cyberpunk gravitates towards me, but Matrix is the top of all of that. It just imprinted on my brain as a child. The thing is, I didn’t have access to a lot of technology growing up. A lot of my friends had iPods, iPhones, macs, and I didn’t have an iPhone until I was 19. My parents, who are from Holland and Ghana, wouldn’t even let me watch TV that often. So, watching these people in the Matrix use technology, it really excites me because I couldn’t have it. It was frustrating at the start, but now I appreciate it. It was like living in a generation before me.

Serwah wears Ksubi & Huf

Posted 12 November 2019 by Blog Author

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