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Gigi Hadid: How Good

Posted 25 July 2017 by Blog Author

We have to talk about the Gigi Hadid. Like, seriously, it’s almost a compulsion at this point. We’re scrolling through her socials on the daily, frothin’ on her latest look, checkin’ her rig and regretting all the pizza we ever ate and wondering where out invite was for some of those wild L.A. after parties.

Basically she’s a babe, she knows how to have a good time and her wardrobe game is totally A1 – what’s not to love?

This is why she’s one of Our People.

Where did she come from?

It still feels like Gigi only just burst onto the fashion scene, but the 22 year old is pretty much a veteran of the game now.

Her mum is 80s fashion ‘It’ girl and reality TV star Yolanda Hadid, you know, the one who got Gigi her first modelling gigs as a child, but then effectively banned her from posing in front a camera until she was 17 years of age (Don’t pretend like you didn’t watch the Real House Wives of Beverley Hills).

So when 17 came knocking, Gigi took to the model biz like no one’s business. Cover after cover, runway after runway she proved she was more than just a famous last name with her girl-next-door-cool on stage and cutting edge street style, making her bigger than a reality TV mum ever could.

Her style

Hadid brings premium farshun and streetwear together in an almost effortless style. Statement furs and anoraks are worn just off the shoulder for a slightly more casual feel and leather pants are always paired back with 90s inspired combat boots.

Her denim is chopped and a little tattered, usually worn back with a cropped top or tee. This girl is speakin’ our language.

Leggings are a staple of her street style get up and her sportswear aesthetic was so strong Reebok came knocking to make her the face of their #perfectnever campaign.

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Never afraid to let her skin do the talking.

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All it takes is a cropped basic tee, rolled anti-fit n’ Reeboks to look totally effortless.

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All lampshade everything.

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Gingham is a must for retro thrills this season.

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Posted 25 July 2017 by Blog Author

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