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Posted 08 March 2017 by Blog Author
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Dion Agius is a travellin’ man. He travels the world as a pro-surfer, carving up coastlines and exploring new places whilst hunting for new experiences. These adventures fuel his creative outfit, whether that’s a next level surf film, new look sunnies or designs for an exclusive Globe capsule.

We scoured the earth to track down Dion and chat his new Globe collab, changin’ coastal fashion and his adventures in Mozambique.

How’s 2017 shaping up for you so far?

Dion: So far, so good. It’s nice to be back in Australia for now. I was in London, Germany, Austria, Italy and Mozambique for the first few months, so I just want to chill in Tasmania for now.

Tell us about designing the +/+ collection, are you satisfied with what you achieved?

Dion: It’s always an amazing process working with the Globe designers. I learn a lot every time I sit down with them. We really wanted to develop solid, easy-to-wear staple pieces – the kinda stuff that you can have in your wardrobe for ages and always go back to.

Did you have a singular inspiration point?

Dion: All the pieces were inspired by things I find on the road, whether it’s art, materials or a fit, I’m constantly sending stuff back to the designers. So really the collection is a mish-mash of my last year on the road.

What’s your favourite piece in the collection?

Dion: The Magnis Shirt for sure. It’s super solid and an amazing fit. You can work it a number of ways and it has a really clean and classic look.

How have you seen coastal fashion change over time?

Dion: Surf fashion has changed dramatically over the last ten years with lots of younger kids becoming more conscious of what’s happening on a global scale instead of just grabbing what’s available at their local shop. The internet has created a far more global influence over surf culture.

Tell us about your time in Mozambique.

Dion: I was working on a shoot and everything was going well until we were hit with a cyclone that pretty much destroyed the area I was staying in. It was really scary and a lot of people’s homes were destroyed. I stayed on a while after the cyclone to help raise some awareness about what happened and start a fund to help the local community get back on its feet.

How did your experiences there change your personal perspective?

Dion: It made me appreciate how lucky we are to have a solid roof over our head and food on the table. There are a lot of people over there doin’ it tough already without having to deal with catastrophe like this. In sayin’ that, they were still some of the most amazing and beautiful people I’ve ever met.

How can we help the people of Mozambique in the wake of the cyclone damage?

Dion: I’ve set up a relief fund here. You can go there, watch a video and learn a little about what happened and hopefully spare some change to help out.

What item of clothing do you always travel with?

Dion: A hoodie to wear on a plane.

What’s one piece of style advice you feel everyone should know?

Dion: I’m not sure I should be dishin’ out fashion advice, but just wear whatever you feel comfortable in. And try to buy stuff that you’re going to have for a long time and treasure.

What can people going to the +/+ Launch party expect?

Dion: A hell of a good time. Free food n’ drinks and a whole heap of giveaways. I’m excited, it’s gonna be a good night.

You heard it from the man, now get your hands on Globe and Dion's new capsule stat, hit up this link right here yo!

SHOP +/+ By Dion Agius


Attention, party animals! You could be gettin’ loose with Dion and the good dudes at Globe just by coppin’ some of their sweet kit.

Buying anything from the +/+ Collection from Dion Agius gives you a chance to WIN flights for you and a mate to the collection launch party in Coolangatta, Wednesday 15 March.

There’ll be an open bar + sick DJ sets from Buzz Kull & Little Fritter. Hit the links below to grab new Globe and go in the draw.

Terms & Conditions.

SHOP +/+ By Dion Agius
Posted 08 March 2017 by Blog Author

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