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Max Air Rooftop Jam Wrap

Posted 17 February 2017 by Blog Author


Friday, 17th February 2017

Well damn, that was a blast. Last night we took over the rooftop of Westfield Miranda with Corbin Harris, Renton Millar and a crew of world class skaters. If ya weren’t there, I’m sorry, but you missed out hard. Where else could you possibly have been?

The night started with Bowl-a-Rama riders Greyson Fletcher and Tom Schaar, cruisin’ through the centre into GP Miranda to wear out some textas on any board, shirt or skin that was shoved their way by groms of all ages.

Upstairs is where the real action was, with a bomb-ass ramp being tested out by skaters like Josh Borden and Danny Leon who’d flown in from Madrid that morning. Keen eyed punters could even spot RVCA rider Curren Caples bustin’ out freestyle moves all over the car park away from the ramp.

Hosts Harris n’ Renton were runnin’ sh*t, puttin’ straight cash in the pockets of riders for every gravity defying trick (including a jaw dropping ho-ho handplant) and givin’ us a free taste of what we’re gonna get at BOWL-A-RAMA this weekend.

FREE was the word of the night, with plenty of faces being stuffed with free Braza Sliders and our hosts getting’ the punters absolutely frothin’ on brand new decks, backpacks n’ threads from Element, RVCA, Spencer Project & Independent being chucked into the crowd. Most of this fresh kit was taken straight to the GP tent to get John Hancock’d by the riders.

Don’t miss your next chance to see the guys at BOWL-A-RAMA this weekend at the Bondi Bowl. See event and ticket info here! Get your official BAR gear at the link below or hit our Big Ass Sale for up to 60% OFF ya fave brands in-store & online.

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Posted 17 February 2017 by Blog Author

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