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Meet Aloe's Chloe Chapman

Posted 07 October 2016 by Blog Author

Meet Aloe's Chloe Chapman

Friday, 7th October 2016

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Growing up on Sydney’s northern beaches, influencer and blogger Chloe Chapman, was made for swimwear. Hitting GP for the first time, we caught up with the founder to find out what makes this gal tick and the story behind her brand Aloe. Oh and we forgot to mention, all her swimwear is reversible. Sic!

What are your favourite beach memories?

Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches I’ve been lucky to have the beach right on my doorstep. As a family we would spend summers down at our local beach, North Narrabeen, with friends and family eating lemonade icy poles and hot chip sandwiches.

Why did you decide to design swimwear over other clothing?

It actually hasn’t been a lifelong dream for me to own a swimwear label. It all began while I was travelling in the US in 2013. Prior to the trip I worked in advertising and as much as I loved my job, I just didn’t have the desire to go back to the 9-5-work schedule. One thing I did know was that one-day I wanted to own my own business. I’ve never really been into fashion when it comes to clothing, but I did own a thousand bikinis, so it just made sense to take this avenue.

What sets Aloé apart from other swimwear?

Our main point of difference is that every single one of our suits are reversible, so essentially our customers can purchase 2 suits for the price of one! The seamless and reversible component allows our swimwear to look and fit exactly the same regardless of which way it is worn.

How would you describe your style when you’re not in swimwear?

I’m all about comfort! I wouldn’t call myself very trendy at all… I own about 100 pairs of trainers and am all about the active wear. I like to keep it very casual, plain tees, denim shorts or jeans and statement pair of sneakers.

Where is your favourite beach?

As much as I love my local beach, I would have to say my favourite beach would have to be Hyams Beach down the south coast of NSW. We shot our campaign for our latest collection there! They said it’s home to the whitest sand in Australia… Absolutely stunning!

What was the first piece you designed?

The first piece I designed was our Al One Piece; this was a retro 80’s style piece!

What swim trends would you like to see return?

When it comes to design and Aloé we really try to keep our pieces simple and timeless, trends for us are not a huge contributing factor to our design process. We feel as though it's more important to find the perfect suit that's fitting and complimenting, and for us that's steering away from the tassels and beading and more towards those staple, classics pieces that last summers and not seasons.

What three things make the perfect pool party?

Summer, tunes + cocktails… (and bikinis of course)!

What are you smashing on your iPod right now?

George Maple + Beyoncé (always…)

Who is on your dream festival line up?

Cut Snake, Flight Facilities, George Maple, Yuma X, Beyoncé + Jay-Z, Disclosure, Flume, The XX, Eminem, (<< Very Random line up!!) But that would be all time for me!

The greatest pizza topping is...

Ohhh, if it’s your average pizza shop it would have to be Hawaiian (boring I know!) but if you’re going to our local, JC’s Pizza you have to get The Katmandu! It’s Tandoori with dollops of tzatziki and mango puree… YUM!!

Posted 07 October 2016 by Blog Author

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