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Meet Tight Terry

Posted 22 September 2017 by Blog Author

Meet Tight Terry, Nudie Jeans’ newest skinny fit.

What more do you need to know?

It’s a pair of jeans that’s as stretchy as it is skinny. We could say its design was fuelled by Nudie Jeans’ passion for primo crafted denim.

We could even remind you that the more you wear it, the more character and attitude it’s going to acquire. But you’ve heard all that before.

We want you to really get to know Tight Terry.

Where is he?

Tight Terry is a traveller. Find him in Europe, road tripping through Romania to check the Drac himself. Then he’s off to Tokyo, taking in the streetwear vibes and feeling the pulse of the mega city’s style in-between bars, bars and more bars.

What's he doing?

He’s got tickets for tonight’s secret Cloud Control show. Don’t ask how, he knows someone.

If you need to find Terry before that, you can check him out at his local, having a serious yarn about life, nature and the latest Rick & Morty, probably.

What is he listening to?

That really depends, is Tight Terry going out to get messy? Because that requires Action Bronson’s Blue Chips 7000.

If he’s feelin’ something that’s a little more electric he’s gonna throw on the new QOTSA album or Tired Lion’s latest. Anything as long as the gain turned all the way up.

What is he wearing?

A pair of Tight Terrys… obviously. Otherwise you can spot him in a premium basic and checkerboard Vans, this season’s go-to sneaker. Always clean, always easy.

Does this sound like you? Hit the links and see how it feels like you too.

Posted 22 September 2017 by Blog Author

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