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A lil' Bit Of Pink

Posted 06 March 2017 by Blog Author


Tuesday, 7th March 2017

We froth on denim minis, it ain’t no secret. The sawn-off wardrobe weapon is a go-to all summer long, but as seasons change you may feel like you gotta put it away. That’s where you’re wrong.

A lil’ colour can refresh your denim vibe and make sure you’ve got that first choice outfit all through the year. So what’s the magic colour? It’s pink, yo.

How you gonna style it? Just like this.

In the hood

A pink hoodie is a bold way to mix the bright colourway into a more street look. Teamed with frayed denim, fishnets and velvet boots, it elevates ya outfit from casual to an edgier vibe.

Pop n' lock

If your skirt is makin’ a lot of noise with stripes and embroidery there’s no need to go overboard up top. Stussy’s classic logo pops in pink and brings some colour into your look that grabs attention without goin’ overboard.

Crop sport

We’re pretty stoked to have Puma womenswear on board at GP, Their new crops are the perfect partner for ya classic A-Line skirt silhouettes, so all you need to finish the look is a pale pink dad cap. Too easy.

Just like that we got you rockin’ skirts all year round. Hit the links and remember to think pink this season.

Posted 06 March 2017 by Blog Author

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