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Three Floral Old Boys

Posted 15 September 2017 by Blog Author

Heads up to every drunk uncle, lost tourist and that one guy from Jurassic Park who got got.

We’ve taken floral resort print back. That’s right, it’s ours now. We’re pretty much not gonna wear anything else this season.

We didn’t do it alone either. Laid back legends like Whiz Khalifa and Jared Leto lead the way, swapping out clean-look shirts for floral, tropical prints and primo linen.

Hell the retro cool of a box shape fit and resort collars goes even further back than that. These are the legends who made floral print shirts the sh*t.

Send for the man

Tom Selleck is forever one of the boys. He lives hard, gives zero f*cks and looks badass as hell while he does it. His signature look, aside from the boss ‘stache, was a bold floral fit. What’s he rock it back with? Skinny denim in a faded AF wash. Get in.

Be frank

You may not have heard too much of Franklyn Ajaye, but you should. The cult UK ‘jazz’ comedian was not only super funny, but he had his resort prints on lock. Unlike Selleck, he didn’t muscle up in denim, instead kept things relaxed in dressier strides.

The King

Pre-jumpsuit Elvis is the real king. No peanut butter and no rhinestones, just party vibes in floral fits. If you’re tryin’ to live the breezy island life to the fullest, you’ve gotta do linen. Snap up a dusty pink piece to get the throwback look while staying super seasonal.

Who you vibing on most? See how much you can mix it up in the link below.

Posted 15 September 2017 by Blog Author

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