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Surf Instas You Gotta Follow

Posted 13 December 2017 by Blog Author

Worst thing about summer? Having to waste primo sunshine at work when you could be taking in rays and carving up waves. Our solution, bring the ocean your phone and distract yourself from reality.

Instagram’s best of the best surfers and beachheads deliver adventure, LOLs and wave after wave of FOMO on the daily.

Hit follow on these guys to tap into the best stuff.

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More than your average surf shooter, Laserwolf, made a name for himself with classic shots of his home in Hawaii. He uses his island locale to create the feeling of a world out of time. A world with no alarms, just vintage Fords and the next wave.

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Think @thefatjeweish or @browncardigan but with a coastie bent, roasting pro-surfers and weekenders alike. A must follow for anyone who needs more awkward photoshops, rough heads and Dion Agius puns in their life.

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The worst thing about following too many surf photographers is you can end up with a lot of similar looking pipe shots and it starts to feel too samey. Todd delivers more than that. Hit follow for trippy underwater silhouettes, birds-eye view snaps of the ocean surface and the odd snowy aside.

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Kelly Slater’s Insta takes you behind the curtain of one of the most decorated pro-surfers in the world and the mind behind the surf inspired label, Outerknown. Kelly’s feed bounces between GoPro shots that take you inside the barrel and flashbacks to his grom days. Why aren’t you following already?


“Is this real life?” That’s what we think every time one of Dylan’s shots pops up. His super cinematic shots aren’t always ocean bound, but the same sense of escape and open adventure is always there. Warning: May have you climbing up the walls with FOMO.

Who else is ready to bail and hit the coast? Before you do that, click the links and get sorted with the latest drop from Kelly Slater’s Outerknown collection. Available online only at GP. While you’re at it make sure you’re following @general_pants for constant good sh*t up in your feed.

Posted 13 December 2017 by Blog Author

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