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Posted 05 April 2017 by Blog Author


Wednesday, 5th April 2017

Words: Darby-Perrin Larner

While we’ve been streaming the sh*t outta Drake’s ‘More Life’ ever since it dropped, sometimes we need to mix things up. So it’s time to get out of ya Soundcloud safe zone and check out these rare and kooky music genres we’ve discovered.

And yes, they are real. No they’re not made up. Seriously.

Vomit step

The one and only DJ Snails pioneered Vomit step - think hard-hitting Reggae-ton, dirty bass and wet-sounding kicks. The man’s live shows are hectic as his tracks too.


A favourite of the Mr Rental Facebook page and the predecessor to something even greater… Simpsons Wave. Vaporwave is like an 80’s movie soundtrack that’s been looped with a slow-dance scene. Blissful, but also energetic.

Simpsons Wave

If Yung Marge Don’t Trust You. Imagine memorable Simpsons moments remixed to house and Vaporwave productions and voila, you’ve got Simpsons Wave. It’s beautiful, we think.


Yep, it’s the same Casio as the famous keyboard, your watch and calculator. Casiotone is a celebration of the electric keyboard that goes by the same name, lo-fi samples and nostalgic #feels.

Bro Step

Crank up some aggressive EDM that’s got catchy and pitched up vocals and you’re pretty much listening to Bro Step already. No shame. We’ve been stomping out to it all day.

Impossible Music

Music that isn’t meant to work, but kind of does? The Impossible Music genre turns MIDI compositions into playable art that defies the basics of most of music’s foundations. Make sense? Yeah, we’re confused too.


Cuddlecore is like the most cliché angst-y hipster bands got together one afternoon and jammed out to covers of Tegan & Sara tunes. Cute.

So what are you going to bump on the AUX cord next, fam? Hit the links below for fresh party threads and rave out in front of your laptop.

Posted 05 April 2017 by Blog Author

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