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REFRAME: Christian Wilkins

Posted 01 October 2019 by Blog Author

Refusing to conform, self-professed cheerleader, Homecoming Queen and part-time model Christian Wilkins is no stranger to colouring outside the lines.

What is your style in 3 words or less?
Fun, frivolous and a bit femme.

What is a passion project you are currently working on?
A passion project I am currently working on would have to be my podcast, Radical Fashionism. It’s a social issue’s, fashion podcast. Each episode, we have a guest and a topic, and we talk about its relation to fashion. Boy George, and sexuality and fashion, or Tanya Plibersek, women in politics and fashion.

Speak to us about what you’re currently wearing?
Traditionally, the things that I am wearing I suppose would be classified as female pieces, and I’ve always found that idea weird. [Clothes] don’t have a gender, it’s a piece of cotton.

What do you think about your previous fashion style?
I look back at the stuff wore a few years ago and just think “that’s awful”, and if I don’t have that exact same thought process with the stuff I’m wearing now then I’m doing something seriously wrong.

What’s one message you have for people out there wanting to REFRAME their style?
People should embrace wearing what makes them feel good, and that’s what fashion ultimately is about. It’s about being happy.

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Posted 01 October 2019 by Blog Author

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