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REFRAME: Jack Blythe

Posted 16 October 2019 by Blog Author

Jack knows where style & creativity are concerned, there are no rules.

Jack wears a black hooded puffer jacket with cropped checkered pants in a mustard colourway with clashing socks and sneakers


Tell us a bit about yourself?.
I was born in Perth Western Australia, the worlds most isolated major city. I had dreams of becoming either a doctor or a dentist but I didn’t have the grades, so I secured a university degree for a Bachelor of Science intending to transfer into medicine as an alternative. After meeting my girlfriend Alyssa, that changed and I am now pursuing a career in fashion and the creative industry. Growing up I loved to create and design, so to be involved in what I was originally so passionate about makes me extremely happy. I still love science so I’m currently working in a microbiology lab part time while building my business on Instagram. Good times.

What 2 style elements probably shouldn’t go together, but you love anyway?
I have never studied fashion, therefore I have no preconceived ideas on what should and should not be paired together. I will wear anything I want to wear if I feel and look good in it. In my head, anything can go together, pulling it off comes down to who you are and what you feel comfortable wearing.

Describe your style to us, in 3 words or less.
Fun, experimental, and diverse.

What creative/style rule do you want to see thrown out?
Creativity itself highlights the ability to generate new concepts from original ideas. The only rule that should be thrown is the idea that there are rules in the first place. As entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk best describes, ‘creativity ceases when you continue to stick to the things that work’. As creatives, we fixate on providing ‘quality content’ which is generally seen as reproducing what has done well in the past. This is why you’ll see me integrating different content on my social media, I want to continue to re-invent the way we look at fashion content on Instagram. Creativity stems from originality and separates you from others in the market. Go for it and see what the market has to say before ruling it out. After all, there are no rules.

What can we always expect from your style/art?
I love switching things up all the time because most things become boring for me if I do them too often. Bringing some fun to fashion through my choice of clothing and showing our community how acceptable it is to do so has always been my main priority and will continue throughout my content.

What drives you to continue to execute the work that you do?
The future of my family and friends with the continued support of my followers. My family have always been supportive of my idea of success, which is; your dedication to doing what makes you happy. The thought of pushing so hard until the day I can repay that support is my drive to execute.

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?
I think there is a really passionate group of people in the fashion community that want to see everyone around them succeed and we are all working together and inspiring each other to do and be better. Of course, I cannot say I don’t get inspiration from the people back home around me. My friends in Perth have some of the most unique and inspiring tastes that I admire and draw an equal amount of inspiration from. When it comes to creative content though, my brother Todd who is a very talented graphics designer, works closely with me. Although I have a specific direction I wish to take my work, I intend to use the refined skills of those close to me to confirm their goals as well as my own. I have always said to the boys, “what is the point of living a successful lifestyle if there is not the company of those that matter to enjoy it with”.

What is a passion project you are working on/have worked on in the past?
As of right now, my only passion project is to develop my presence on social media. I hope to bring value to my audience by inspiring fun in the fashion community and to help people find their ‘thing’ whether that is fashion related or not. I have grown up in a city where people think that because we are so isolated, that nothing is possible. I want to change that notion. Circumstance can only change your future if you allow it to and by bringing my audience along for my journey, I hope that it encourages them to think similarly.

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Posted 16 October 2019 by Blog Author

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