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REFRAME: Shaki Wasasala

Posted 24 October 2019 by Blog Author

Commanding space for Shaki Wasasala is as much about style expression, as it is about personality; they both inform each other.


Tell us about you.
I’m a Fijian/Kiwi DJ and filmmaker living in Auckland, NZ.

What 2 style elements probably shouldn’t go together, but you love anyway?
Different, conflicting animal prints. Why not?

What’s the one style element you think you’ll probably look back on and say, what was I thinking?
The amount of neon.

Describe your style to us, in 3 words or less.
Who! Is! That!

What can we always expect from your style/art?
You can always expect a different perspective and something fresh from my style.

What drives you to continue to execute the work that you do?
The necessity of it, my child self, and the freedom it brings.

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?
I draw a lot of inspiration from music, my peers, nature, unapologetic boundary pushers, and cinema.

What is a passion project you are working on/have worked on in the past?
A major passion project would have to be FILTH, an Auckland nightclub focused on prioritizing the QTPOC experience, which is sound tracked by an unmatched curation of DJs and artists.

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Posted 24 October 2019 by Blog Author

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