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Rollin' With The Homies

Posted 06 July 2016 by Blog Author


Wednesday, 6th July 2016

The right cuff takes a sweet pair of chinos to the next level. GP Menswear Buyer, Johnny, shows off his A1 cuff skills so you can do it too..

Certain styles of roll, like the pinroll or skinny roll, look best with certain kicks. But if you want a universal technique that’ll will make any pair of shoes pop, and work with anything from the Arvust Hoxton Chinos to selvage denim, you gotta keep it simple.

So, how do you do the simple roll? It’s simple!

Fold the hem of your pant up about five centimetres and smooth out the material.

Now fold the hem at the top back inside the cuff. Smooth that bad boy out and you’re done.

Now you got perfect cuffs to match your sick strides.

Posted 06 July 2016 by Blog Author

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